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5 Pillars of Industrial Marketing | Manufacturing Marketing

5 Pillars of Industrial Marketing

5 pillars of industrial b2b marketing

Following is a brief overview of what I believe are the critical elements of b2b industrial marketing.

A program lacking any of these elements weakens the existing parts and diminishes the potential return of the overall effort. Each is crucial and reinforces the others.

1. Strategic Marketing Plan

Although this is the most important pillar, a b2b marketing plan is the piece I find missing most often. Taking the time to determine the ideal customer for your business drives subsequent questions and answers through the entire program. Analyzing your competitors will provide a mirror for your own business – identifying what makes you unique in turn provides messaging for use in your outbound marketing. An industrial marketing plan creates a historical record, allowing you to track meaningful statistics.

Time invested in a marketing plan is time well spent.

2. Website

Your website is the hub of your efforts. Visitors to your site are looking for information to overcome a challenge they have. Say what you do, but from your customers point of view. It isn’t everything for everyone. State who you are as a company, where the company came from and your guiding principles. Tell a few stories about problems you have solved for other customers. Offer links out to your social media sites so visitors can learn more and interact directly.

3. Search Optimization

Although ranking well with search engines in order to be found is the goal, the process of optimization pays off in other areas. Researching which terms rank well and which apply to your products will feed social media efforts as well as web pages. Determining where your site ranks identifies competitors who are succeeding within search, providing intelligence you can use to improve not only your website but other marketing efforts as well.

4. Statistical Tracking and Analysis

Search engines provide code, which when embedded within individual pages, allows for very specific tracking. Analyzing results over time shows which pages are doing well and which are ignored. Additionally, testing alternate language leads to an understanding of your market and what they are seeking. The benefits are beyond where your site ranks with Google.

5. Social Media Program

This is the area of greatest change and the newest pillar. While social is maturing quickly, there is still time to jump in and learn by doing. Take the time to understand the uses of each social medium so your messaging is appropriate and effective. LinkedIn is primarily focused on individuals and then their companies. 140 characters forces Twitter messages to be concise and specific. Start small and understand the culture and tone of the various social media before setting any expectations.

Don’t lose sight of the reason behind all of the time, money and personal investments involved in b2b marketing. It’s not only increased page views, clickthroughs, followers or connections. The whole point of industrial marketing, and all that it entails, is to find people who have a problem your product or service potentially may solve. Review and update the five pillars regularly and listen to what your industrial market is telling you.

photo credit: Brron via photopin cc

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