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5 Truths in Industrial Marketing | Manufacturing Marketing

5 Truths in Industrial Marketing

The specifics vary, but the following points are true for both industrial marketing and our lives in general.

We all try to compartmentalize our lives, separating our home life from professional. You would think that topics and details discussed in a blog about industrial marketing would be tightly focused on just that.

What the heck does the normal outside world have to do with truths in industrial marketing?

Let me know if you disagree or if you have additional “truths” to add.

1. We don’t see over our own walls.

The majority of us spend a large proportion of our working lives within a single profession. We know and understand our corner of the world exceedingly well. However, without a wider perspective of how what we do effects other processes and people our ability to see the big picture is limited. Visit customers to see how your work is used, talk to your competitors at a trade show and consider hiring outside consultants. We are blind to what is obvious to outsiders.

2. Change is constant.

The only thing which we can all count on is change. Technology is woven into our lives in so many ways that it becomes invisible. Software capabilities have replaced hardware as the driving force of progress. Download the latest upgrade and you have new abilities almost instantaneously. The downside is that those new capabilities have to be learned and understood to be applied. More. Better. Faster. As soon as you know the program, it will change.

3. Writing is painful.

Our greatest challenge and frustration in industrial marketing is the written word. Without fail, nearly every industrial client assures us that they will be writing the text for their materials. I can count on one hand the number of clients who have provided their written text – with fingers left over. Good intentions run into the wall of reality when staring at a blank screen. Finding the time and space to write while juggling all of your existing responsibilities is nearly impossible.

4. Time saving doesn’t exist.

For all of the devices and technologies which are supposed to save us time, I sure don’t have less to do. Being able to do more translates into doing more. Productivity is a great thing but we are now doing what two people used to do and we need to know more than both of them combined. Any so-called down time should now be devoted to reading and learning so we can potentially stay ahead of the curve of technology.

5. Generational differences exist.

While it is true that my 86 year old mother and 23 year old son are both online, how we use and relate to internet technologies vary immensely. Industrial marketing speaks to multiple generations of engineers, buyers, managers and owners. Before you discount the effectiveness of either new or old marketing techniques, consider which generations are in your audience. Twitter and printed trade advertising can both be valid, depending on your industrial marketing target.

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