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Bob Parina | Manufacturing Marketing

5 Truths in Industrial Marketing

The specifics vary, but the following points are true for both industrial marketing and our lives in general. They have more in common than you think.

The Sales Process has Changed in Industrial Marketing

Sales and marketing must work together in industrial marketing. Neither can exist without the other.

The Millennials Are Coming In Industrial Marketing

In less than two years, millennials will become the majority of the workforce.

If You’re Not Found Online, You Don’t Exist in Industrial Marketing...

Industrial marketing is increasingly oriented around a central aspect of our online experience – search.

Embrace Change in Industrial Marketing

Resisting the constantly accelerating forces of technological change is self-defeating. Embrace change in your industrial marketing.

Online Privacy Issues in Industrial Marketing

One page on your website can increase sales while fending off bureaucrats. Yes, online privacy matters.

Industrial Marketing: Make Your Goals Emotional and Your Results Will Improve....

The missing question for effective industrial marketing: the ‘why’. Goals drive all of the subsequent parts of your industrial marketing.

The Pareto Principle in Industrial Marketing

Identify the vital few marketing activities which generate the majority of returns – the 80/20 rule in action.

Don’t Forget You’re Speaking to People with Your Industrial Marketing...

All things being equal, people will do business with those people they know, like and trust.

Overcome the Challenge of Creating Content for Industrial Marketing...

Find the inspiration to write consistently.

Effectively Communicating with 3 Generations in Industrial Marketing...

Target your message and the delivery method to your audience. Speak to each generation by choosing the right technology.

The Importance of Intelligence in Industrial Marketing

Know and understand your company (self) and your market (others) to succeed. INTELLIGENCE (1) : the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations : reason; also : the skilled use of reason (2) : the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment Intelligence is not the capacity but the application. The first form of intelligence is self-awareness. This is awareness of individualityy – what makes your company different. This is the foundation of any industrial marketing program. The ability to learn or understand is the exercise of intelligence in determining differences. Different includes both your products and your company itself. The answers to the question of differences should be carefully researched and must be honest. Shortcomings are as important to know as strengths. To be self-aware is to know your company and your product strengths and weaknesses. The second form of intelligence is awareness of others. In this context, awareness of your competitors and your chosen marketplace. In the definition above, the ability to manipulate one’s environment requires both awareness of self and of others. How your company and products are different requires comparison; with competitors, and with the problems and solutions necessary for your marketplace – your environment. To manipulate your industrial environment requires planning. What do you want to achieve? Increased sales in a mature market, targeting a new market with an existing product or introducing a new solution to a new market – nothing happens without a plan. Set a specific goal within a specific market so that the steps necessary to get there become apparent. The skilled use of reason, intelligence, is possible once a plan exists. Awareness of others; your prospects, customers and competitors, is critical to...

5 Quick and Easy Tips for Industrial Marketing

Most industrial marketing efforts require a great deal of thought and effort. Make sure you are doing it right.

5 Challenges in Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketing speaks to multiple generations of engineers, buyers, managers and owners.

Patience, Persistence and Perspiration are Critical to Success in Industrial Marketing...

Today’s marketing tools allow for instant communication, but the buying process requires a continual nurturing of leads with consistent, intelligent marketing.

Committing to content creation for industrial marketing

Management must have buy-in and commitment to have success in content marketing to create inbound leads.

The importance of your company story for industrial marketing...

The story of your company goes a long way in providing reassurance – that you care, your products perform as promised and that you will exist after delivery.

Leverage The Power of Email for Industrial Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness.

4 Keys in determining an industrial marketing budget

Industrial marketing is an essential investment for your company’s long-term profitability and growth.

Five conversation starters that will improve your industrial marketing...

Marketing is typically a one-sided conversation. Creating two-way conversations with your customes pays big dividends.

The importance of being found in industrial marketing

In this always on, virtual world, to not be found is to not be considered. Being found at your search terms is critical.

The zen of marketing for industrial manufacturing

For your marketing to be effective, the process of saying the right words must capture the essence of what it is you make – the zen of your products.

Consider automating your industrial manufacturing marketing

Leverage your industrial marketing to increase the volume (and quality) of inbound leads while reducing the workload of your sales staff.

Why target your industrial marketing

Marketing tools are constantly getting better and more precise, but your results are only as good as your targeting.

Is Twitter a serious tool for industrial marketing?

You will never know what Twitter really is and what it can do without doing it yourself.

Leveraging marketing technology for industrial manufacturing

Over 80% of business sales are now a result of buyers finding you (or your competitor) online. They are the hunters and you are the prey.

Marketing in Motion: Why mobile websites are critical for industrial marketing...

67% of mobile users are more likely to buy from companies with a mobile-friendly site. Is a mobile site part of your marketing?

Survive and thrive in a sea of industrial marketing data

Marketing automation is the wave of the future for successful industrial marketing strategies.

4 Ways to Lessen the Social Media Risks for Industrial Marketing...

As industrial manufacturers jump on the social media bandwagon, planning ahead will minimize your risks.

Content is the key for industrial marketing

Attract customers by creating quality, relevant and valuable content.

Industrial Marketing: 4 Keys to Keep up with Google

Understanding Google’s rapid pace of change will help you develop effective industrial marketing.