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Committing to content creation for industrial marketing | Manufacturing Marketing

Committing to content creation for industrial marketing

content marketing industrial marketing

Management must have buy-in and commitment to have success in content marketing to create inbound leads.

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans ― Peter F. Drucker

There is a period during the beginning of most industrial marketing projects where everyone is on board and accepting responsibility to accomplish the tasks which require their particular involvement and action. The strategic marketing plan has been completed, based upon specific goals which management has deemed important and which are to be achieved. Resources have been planned and allocated. We launch.

The number one reason projects fall short of their potential is clients are not able to meet the time commitment necessary.

This is not an indictment of character or desire for success. Most people are busier than they admit and their days are full. Couple that with the fact that most of what we need requires writing – and writing is painful. We’re not talking about novels, just basic facts and background information.

As the various pieces of any layered marketing program come together, we need client input. As an outside firm, there is information which is important and which must be provided to us. We identify this need early in the process and discuss who, how and when. We offer alternatives to alleviate the burden of providing this input. Normally, we’re assured this won’t be a problem. They are committed to making this industrial marketing project succeed.

Making time to write requires the willingness to add on to the beginning or end of the day.

It is difficult to gather thoughts and devote the time and space necessary in the middle of the chaos of the workday. There is always a crisis or interruption or unexpected meeting. Good intentions are no match for the day to day rush. If a schedule is going to go sideways, this is the standard culprit.

The alternative is to delegate the responsibility to someone else within the industrial manufacturing client’s business. If this person has a full schedule already we’re no further ahead. To think they will have a greater commitment to success than the person above is to court disappointment. They are dealing with the same crisis, interruptions and meetings, but with less ability to say no.

So, what is the answer to solving this problem? Commitment.

  • Commitment to devote the internal resources necessary to overcome the pitfalls.
  • Commitment to place the success of the program above the day to day entanglements.
  • Commitment to make sure your people are given the time to compile the information needed, even at the cost of delegating their responsibilities to others.

We have devised any number of ways of making this easier, from online meetings to phone interviews to information templates. None of these help if commitment is lacking by management.

Make sure you’re willing to do what it takes to reach your industrial marketing goal before taking the first step. To do any less is to turn plans into hopes. We can’t count on hopes succeeding.

photo credit: simonov via photopin cc

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