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Consider automating your industrial manufacturing marketing | Manufacturing Marketing

Consider automating your industrial manufacturing marketing

industrial marketing automation

Leverage your industrial marketing to increase the volume and quality of inbound leads while reducing the workload of your sales staff.

Industrial manufacturing has been an early adopter of automation on the shop floor. Digital control and programming is found in every manufacturing operation with any degree of sophistication. Accounting functions rely heavily upon software to track and to make sense of all the numerical data. Sales and marketing is the last area in industrial manufacturing to leverage automation fully.

There has been a gap in the existing process until recently. Websites have been an important part of most companies marketing effort, ideally generating inquiries from potential customers. CRM programs have been adopted to handle the day-to-day tracking of prospect and customer interactions. Bridging these two efforts has been the responsibility of the marketing department.

Sales and marketing are considered two sides of the same coin – the Marketing Department. The problem is they don’t normally carry the same weight. This is described as “Big S, small m”. The majority of Marketing Directors at industrial manufacturers come from a sales background and view marketing as a support activity and generally a distraction from their sales activities. They readily admit they don’t market well or consistently. Increases in sales result in decreased marketing efforts and vice versa.

The question is “how do you break this cycle without adding staff, especially in these times of payroll aversion?”

What if you could amplify and measure your marketing effort, add consistency, while gathering greater intelligence on your prospects and competitors? Capabilities are growing every month, but following are the basics already offered by marketing automation programs for industrial manufacturers.

Your industrial manufacturing website has evolved over the last 10-15 years to become the main source of information and your public face. If you have a search optimization program, your company is appearing at relevant searches. Resulting inquiries become a manual effort, with any requested follow-up dependent upon a personal sales action. This is where marketing automation enters the picture, adding a whole lot of firepower to your marketing program.

As inquiries come from a specific page, assumptions are made and responses predetermined. When site visitors identify themselves, subsequent visits and interactions can be automatically tracked and added to your CRM program, building a profile. By providing information tailored to the visitor’s interest, further engagement is encouraged. If this visitor is researching vendors but not ready to buy, the marketing automation program will consistently offer additional relevant information. Top-of-mind awareness is created and maintained so your company is involved in the conversation when it’s time to buy. Intelligence is gathered from all interactions, allowing for constant improvement of the marketing program.

Social media is also an important part of the software. This allows industrial manufacturers to monitor social media conversations for both themselves and their competition. The number of engineers and executives in the industrial workforce who interact daily with social media tools is growing exponentially. You will never know what you are missing until you participate.

Automation has proven it’s value throughout your operation. It’s time to automate marketing.

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