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Do You Care About Your Industrial Marketing? | Manufacturing Marketing

Do You Care About Your Industrial Marketing?

Do you care about industrial marketing or is it something you have to do?

We make time for the things which we believe are important – the things we care about. Is your industrial marketing important? It’s not up to me.

OK, so you care enough to read this post, but the question remains. It is a larger problem than you would expect. Let me explain this a bit and then I would like to hear from you with your experiences.

Caring about your marketing effort requires believing in the effectiveness of the process.

Industrial marketing has never had more outlets or more ways to track specific interactions. In a sense, you now have the equivalent of your own broadcasting network for your company. Now that everyone can be a broadcaster, those that see the value in promotion are those that are doing it.

B2B marketing is about creating future opportunities. Using new media is about finding new customers in new places.

This won’t happen if top executives don’t believe that marketing works. Skeptical executives delegate responsibility and interaction down the chain of command. Without decision makers’ interest and involvement, the effort becomes superficial and less effective. Results are diminished. Skepticism becomes self-fulfilling. Doing what has always been done will only get what you’ve gotten in the past.

Something is seriously wrong if, as your chosen marketing firm, I care more about your marketing program than you do. I’ve been down this road before.

Signs you care less:

  • Priorities: I can’t get input or feedback needed to push your program forward. Obviously, other things are more important. If you’re my client contact, your superiors care less than we do. This is going sideways.
  • Commitment: Realistic sales goals can’t be achieved without realistic budgets. Expecting to leverage millions of dollars in sales off of thousands of dollars of marketing is wishful thinking. A shoestring budget buys a shoestring result.
  • Follow through: There is a great deal of statistical information available on many aspects of your marketing program. I am happy to review and discuss how things are working and what we should do next. There has never been a better feedback loop available. If this bores you or you can’t interest your colleagues in the information, I care more than you.

I get it – everyone’s busy. Couple the crush of day to day decisions with the speed of change in marketing technology and I realize it is difficult to make the time to understand what we’re doing and why it matters. That’s a big reason I devote time to writing this blog. The sales and marketing dance has changed forever, and due to the internet, the customer leads. It’s imperative to understand that.

I believe industrial B2B marketing works. The investments in time and money are worthwhile and pay dividends well beyond the original goals. I’ve seen this firsthand over and over.

My job is to make the process work for my clients. Every company is unique and a new experience. Their degree of success is related to their level of involvement, their commitment.

What do you think? Do you care?

photo credit: Kelly Sue via photopin cc

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