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Embrace Change in Industrial Marketing | Manufacturing Marketing

Embrace Change in Industrial Marketing

industrial marketing trends

Resisting the constantly accelerating forces of technological change is self-defeating. Embrace change in your industrial marketing.

We are all experiencing an unprecedented rate of change in our personal and professional lives. My entire career has been devoted to marketing in one form or another. I have seen technology rip through the design field, eliminating one career after another. I have heard all of the arguments about how the new isn’t better and won’t replace the old. New always wins.

Acceptance is survival. Rather than wasting time and effort arguing against new methods and means, seek out benefits and function when faced with new technology.

Periods of great disruption are also periods of great creativity. An unfortunate, but unavoidable, result of the global recession was the large-scale closing of companies and firing of employees. The survivors have lost long-term business relationships and resources. One person doing the work of many with a smaller network. The solution is to find new tools and broaden your range of possible customers and vendors.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs such as Salesforce create a record of all sales interactions which can be searched, sorted and used by multiple team members. Paired with Marketing Automation software; Act-On, Eloqua, and Pardot are examples, a process can be created where inquiries and initial responses are handled by software. Human interaction is reserved until the prospect desires direct engagement. The net result is a marketing program where there is greater interaction, chosen by the prospective customer, with less time invested by your sales personnel.

Social media is another change which is profoundly influencing marketing for industrial manufacturing. There is a belief in some quarters that social media doesn’t work for business to business marketing, much less for manufacturing. The numbers tell a different story. Consider the following and evaluate your preconceptions:

  • 60% of human population have mobile phone accounts; 4.3 billion unique users (TomiAhonen Almanac)
  • 22% of phones in use are smartphones (TomiAhonen Almanac)
  • Over 50% of phones sold in 2013 are smartphones (Wikipedia)
  • Twitter is in the top 10 of all websites visited (Wikipedia)
  • Twitter has 500 million registered users as of 2012 (Wikipedia)
  • 1.6 billion search queries per day (Wikipedia)

Evaluate your current marketing effort and consider what is possible without preconceptions. The greatest single change with the largest impact is a change in attitude.

photo credit: Nanagyei via photopin cc

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