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The Millennials Are Coming In Industrial Marketing | Manufacturing Marketing

The Millennials Are Coming In Industrial Marketing

industrial marketing and millennials

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that, in less than two years, millennials will become the majority of the workforce.

This has far reaching effects for businesses, both externally and internally. Understanding how this next generation is wired is critical to the success of any long-range industrial marketing.

Consider the following article excerpts from, “The Rise of the Millennial Workforce,” written by Alastair Mitchell, co-founder and ceo of Mitchell shares how Millennials’ differ from the current workforce along with my thoughts on what to do about it.

This new wave of people coming through office doors near you are not just tech literate, but accustomed to being connected anywhere, at any time. They’re a generation that can’t recall life before the Internet, they’ve always had a cell phone, they share their photos via Instagram and communicate with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the rise of mobile, cloud and social, millennials are used to flexibility, openness and instantly connecting with people regardless of their location. What they’re not used to are constraints and being restricted by an IT department when it comes to using technology.

Millennials are far less patient than previous generations.

Having data at your fingertips whenever and where ever you may be blurs the rationale for corporate protocols. Your internal processes will be affected, but so will your sales opportunities. Plan your marketing strategies to allow for a degree of non-conformity.

For example, if engineering is involved in your sales process allow contact between your customer and specific technical personnel. This is a mine field and I can hear the reasons against this already, but allow the prospect or client to provide data directly to specific engineering personnel. This will allow the technical people to converse natively, without non-technical translation.

Clearly, IT restrictions are put in place by enterprises for many reasons — the primary one being security risks. But, as these tech savvy younger workers take up their roles in organizations across the globe, there needs to be a balance between maintaining security measures and control over corporate data and enabling people to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.

There are now innovative enterprise-grade cloud technologies out there that enable effective communication and collaboration. These tools not only meet the IT department’s strict security requirements, but also the usability demands of millennials.

Time is money.

Create a marketing and sales system which enables those seeking information and dialog to do so with as little friction as possible. Know your ideal customer and make it easy for them to determine how you solve their challenges. An overall sales process which saves time allows for a higher final price.

Having grown up with technology at their fingertips, millennials won’t put up with poor enterprise technology. Legacy systems that have been rolled out by businesses, more often than not, mirror the hierarchical structure of traditional organizations, which the millennial generation simply won’t stand for.

Eliminate potential frustrations and market the advantages of your process.

Design a sales process which allows meaningful communication with potential customers. Truly listen, using the range of media available, to create a human relationship which changes the transactional nature of industrial marketing. Every generation will appreciate the result.

Click on the following to read Alastair Mitchell’s, “The Rise of the Millennial Workforce.”
photo credit: Victor1558 via photopin cc

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