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The Most Important Part of Industrial Marketing | Manufacturing Marketing

The Most Important Part of Industrial Marketing

Your industrial website is the most important part of b2b marketing.

Your website is the single most important part of your entire industrial marketing effort – the linchpin holding it all together.

This can’t be overstated. 70 – 80% of buyers research their vendors prior to their first contact. As new media outlets appear, this fact is reinforced. Impressions are formed and decisions are made based upon your website. Remember, you have one chance to make a good first impression.

Consider that the following list of industrial marketing efforts ultimately rely upon your website.

Social Media Marketing:

Twitter is proving to be worthwhile for industrial marketing and LinkedIn is widely adopted. These are the latest and greatest for B2B marketing but very limited in the amount of information which can be presented. Whether Tweets or posts, they are snippets of info which link to specific pages on your site where the full story and calls to action await.

Email Marketing:

The number one way to initiate contact and conversation with carefully targeted prospects as well as current and past customers. Email is the greatest way to have a one-to-one conversation with personally identified contacts on a mass scale. A successful program which nurtures those not ready to buy offers interesting, brief information on a regular basis. Links within the message drive these people to your website, where they can research further.

Search Engine Optimization:

Typically thought of narrowly for improving page results within searches. Careful analysis and continual improvement within your site provides insight into your entire b2b marketing effort. This is all about who visited your website and how they got there, as well as what web traffic is relevant to your company but somehow not finding you. Optimizing your b2b website leads to optimizing your marketing and sales results. Your site drives your marketing program.

Marketing Automation:

This is the holy grail of industrial marketing. It’s possible now to identify and qualify visitors to your website. The inducement for visitors to identify themselves is instantly available, valuable information – behind a locked link. Identity equals access. Once identified, interests are tracked by recording which pages are visited. The result is a qualified lead entering your sales funnel and nurturing campaign. Marketing automation can’t function without a robust internet effort.

Your website is too important to ignore. If you’re not monitoring and updating your site on at least a monthly basis, you’re hurting future sales. The world moves too fast and relies way too much upon the internet to check in less frequently than that.

How do you afford an expanded effort? Reassess traditional industrial marketing programs. The ROI of trade shows and trade publications doesn’t justify the expense. The costs of printing catalogs and brochures are eliminated by moving these publications online. Look at your overall budget and prioritize your spending.

Your entire B2B marketing effort is based on your website. Leverage that fact.

photo credit: kirstyhall via photopin cc

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